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Onsite Fuel Delivery

One of the largest expenses for any fleet is your driver's wages. When you pay your driver to fuel, your cost per gallon goes up. Flyers' Mobile Fueling Service can help you manage both your labor costs and your fuel costs more effectively - possibly saving your organization thousands of dollars per year. We make it easy, delivering fuel directly into your company's vehicles while they are not being used. We're there when you need us.

Contact us for a free cost analysis where we calculate the true cost of fuel including labor and travel.

Flyers' Mobile Fueling Service is fast, cost effective and best of all, works when you don't. You get:

  • A cardlock on wheels - our Mobile Fueling Service is 100% integrated with our cardlock CFN services, which means you have a solid secondary source for fuel (CFN). And all fueling is reported on a single bill for both cardlock and mobile fueling.
  • RF (Radio Frequency) technology - captures each vehicle's fueling data and generates a detailed receipt at the time of delivery.
  • Remote emergency shutdown - for added safety, drivers can shut down valves from wherever they are with the touch of a button.
  • Our equipment is Weights and Measures approved - you get what you pay for, guaranteed.

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