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Flyers distributes quality lubricants to a wide range of industries. Our experienced consultants keep clients current on products, technical advances, industry practices and legal requirements. We inventory and supply a comprehensive line of commercial and industrial lubricants, solvents and specialty products in all package styles, including bulk quantities. Flyers keeps your equipment in top performance with cost effective lubes from our bulk plants across Nevada and California.

Now offering Diesel Exhaust Fluid in bulk, totes, drums, and jugs.

Locations and Products

Commercial Lubricants
Diesel Engine OilsAutomatic Transmission Oils
Synthetic OilsGear Oils
Two Cycle OilsGreases
Natural Gas Engine OilsGasoline Engine Oils
Biodegradable Oils
Industrial Lubricants
Compressor OilsRefrigeration Oils
Synthetic OilsGear Oils
Circulating OilsGreases
Cylinder OilsEnvironmentally Friendly Oils
Food Processing Oils
Solvents & Cleaners
Parts CleanersAcetone
Printing SolventsFloor Cleaners
Blanket WashesSoaps
Roller WashesDetergents
AlcoholBiodegradable Products
MethanolEnvironmentally Safe Products
Propylene & Ethyl,Glycols
Specialty Products
Gasoline & Diesel Fuel AdditivesWindshield Washer Fluids
Brake FluidsPenetrating Sprays
Power Steering FluidsAntifreeze
Oil Absorbants
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