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Businesses and consumers alike depend on electricity and enjoy the convenience of accessing plentiful power through local utilities. Such convenience comes at a price, both literally and figuratively. Aside from utility bills, there is the environmental impact stemming from how that electricity is produced. While our area does benefit from cleaner production methods such as hydroelectric plants, some areas of the country must rely on coal-burning plants. Whatever the method, cleaner electricity production exists using solar.

Flyers Energy currently has 24 stations using photovoltaic panels that turn sunshine into solar powered electricity. During peak production, we are not only self-sustaining, but sell electricity back to our utility company. Further, during peak consumption times during summer months, our solar-powered stations do not contribute to the draw on the power grid. By choosing to create our own "Green Power" that will never run out, Flyers Energy is directly reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere, and helping to reduce our dependency of foreign fossil-fuels.

Auburn Solar 2280 Drive In Way 15,000 W live energy display
13461 Bowman Rd. 14,800 W live energy display
Chico Solar 2402 Cohasset Rd. 43,200 W live energy display
2501 Notre Dame 37,600 W live energy display
Clearlake Solar 15101 LakeShore Dr. 39,500 W live energy display
Fairfield Solar 4444 Central Place 48,900 Wlive energy display
Grass Valley Solar 12008 Plaza Dr. 30,100 W live energy display
12001 Nevada City Hwy. 14,800 W live energy display
Newcastle Solar 601 Newcastle Rd. 36,900 W live energy display
North Highlands Solar 4250 Madison Ave.48,247 W live energy display
Paradise Solar 5734 Clark Road 20,455 W live energy display
Placerville Solar 519 Placerville Dr. 30,000 W live energy display
Rancho Cordova Solar

3096 Sunrise Blvd. 48,000 W live energy display

Roseville Solar 8660 Auburn Blvd. 33,757 W live energy display
San Leandro Solar 2180 Merced St. 30,090 W live energy display
14880 E. 14th Street15,341 W live energy display
Sacramento Solar 2650 Gateway Oaks 41,387 Wlive energy display
Sonora Solar 13778 Mono Way 19,746 W live energy display
St. Helena Solar 800 St. Helena Hwy. 14,600 W live energy display
Visalia Solar 1930 South Mooney 22,830 W live energy display
1375 E. Mineral King 27,630 W live energy display
Willits Solar 1250 S. Main Street 43,270 Wlive energy display
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