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Security Features

Flyers offers front-end purchase controls to enable authorized fueling without sacrificing control. Our fleet cards allow you to control fleet expenses by reducing unauthorized fuel purchases. Cards can be set up with individual driver and vehicle controls, allowing you to customize each card for every user in your company and to gain tighter control over every fuel purchase. In addition to controls for fleet cards, Flyers can provide industry-best purchase controls for your on-site fueling as well.

Flyers provides you maximum protection against fraud, theft and waste.

With our electronically encoded fuel cards you can:
  • Restrict the type of fuel purchased
  • Limit the number of times fuel can be purchased per day
  • Limit the number of gallons per transaction
  • Limit the number of gallons per day
  • Restrict use of the cards by days of the week and hours of the day
  • Immediately lock out lost or stolen cards via the Internet
  • Receive notification when an attempt is made to fuel outside of the security parameters
  • Receive an eReceipt each time a driver fuels
In addition to restrictions, Flyers technology provides useful security notifications. e-Receipts give fleet managers a record of who, when, where and how much for each fueling event. Unusual Activity Reports can be e-mailed to you at the time that a card fuels or attempts to fuel outside notification limits that you designate. Location, type of violation or error, and card number are included.

Card restrictions are only one way of offering security. Many of our locations are equipped with surveillance cameras. Our maintenance team and Safety Manager monitor locations regularly. In addition, if you ever need it, we can search security footage and make it available to you to verify personnel and transactions. For Flyers customers, there is usually no fee to access security recordings.
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