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Cardlock & Mobile Fueling

Flyers Fuel cards give your drivers access to virtually all gas stations in North America- at no extra charge. There is no fee to the customer. Each driver gets a security code and a corresponding profile determining when, where and how much fuel he or she is authorized to buy on behalf of your company. Join the thousands of successful companies who have made the choice to better manage their fuel programs with the Flyers fleet card program.

With Flyers, at no additional charge other than paying for the fuel, you can:
  • Access virtually every gas station in the nation.
  • Shop for best prices at the pump.
  • Have all of your fuel transactions on one invoice, no matter how many drivers.
  • Restrict day, time, locations and number of transactions per day for your drivers.
  • Pump petroleum products and/or or alternative fuels.
  • Access high-flow, unattended cardlock sites for your larger vehicles.
Mobile Fueling allows us to deliver fuel directly into your company's vehicles while they are not being used, reducing your true cost of fuel by eliminating labor and travel for your drivers. A cardlock on wheels - our Mobile Fueling Service is 100% integrated with our cardlock CFN services, which means you have a solid secondary source for fuel (CFN). And all fueling is reported on a single bill for both cardlock and mobile fueling. RF (Radio Frequency) technology captures each vehicle's fueling data and generates a detailed receipt at the time of delivery. Our equipment is Weights and Measures approved - you get what you pay for, guaranteed.
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